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Steel rivers on the Tour de California

What kind of pictures do you take when you're [tag-tec]bicycle touring[/tag-tec]?

You and your bike on a cliff edge or a rickety bridge, overlooking an ice cold torrent of swirling water? How about this instead:

Out on the 7th Street bridge where it crosses the freeway. During rush hour. I saw a group of [tag-tec]bike tourists[/tag-tec] there, taking photos of each other, making certain to get all 10 lanes of dead-stopped traffic underneath. "Now that looks scary. You wouldn't want to fall down there."

It really makes sense, after all, doesn't it? You want photos of your [tag-tec]bicycle travel[/tag-tec] to get an "Oh, my God" exclamation of disbelief. Rivers and mountains are great when you can be there, but what about the profound effects of five million commuters trying to drive home all at once? Isn't the result an emergent quality of nature, too?

Adventure is where you find it.

2 thoughts on “Steel rivers on the Tour de California

  1. Ronaldo

    Great site & project. Read about you in the Sunday LA Times. An idea for what's next: Major brdgie rides, Coronado in San Diego, Oakland in San Fran, etc. Please keep So Cal in mind, we have lots of cyclist & little metro involement.

  2. Jacobbear

    Thanks Ronaldo! All of your suggestions sound fantastic, and I'll do them all if I live long enough.
    BTW, what did you read about in the Sunday L.A. Times? I had no idea I was mentioned there. Thanks for the heads up.

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