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Spokes and wheels: Do you intergrate biking with other aspects of your life?

If you've done this already, I congratulate you--and I have a little bit of envy too.

It feels like every aspect of life--your work, your family, your health, your dreams, your passions are strong wires pulling you in different directions, competing for your time and energy.  There's a tug of war going on, and usually when you try to enhance one part of your life there's a sacrifice or a trade-off somewhere else.

But what if your life could be a wheel? You're the hub, the different things that pull on you are the spokes, and if you get them integrated you have a perfect, smooth-spinning wheel?

This isn't just vague theory, I'm finding ways of making it happen. I'll share some of these if there's an interest. But what about you? Leave a comment if you've found ways that biking can enhance other parts of your life, and that life can enhance your biking.

2 thoughts on “Spokes and wheels: Do you intergrate biking with other aspects of your life?

  1. Jeff

    The only thing I can think of is using my bike instead of the car. This saves me time on short trips because I don't have to deal with traffic and parking. It's free exercise and of course I get the bike ride! Instead of making time for all of these separately I get to do them all at once. Is that what you're talking about?

  2. Charlotte

    Hmmm, my husband and I ride our bikes to different cafes in the morning for breakfast. We get a date in before work, making 'work' just a part of the day, but not the bulk of it.

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