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Saving dogs, fighting cancer, and having a killer long distance bike ride

There are true heroes in this world. If you want to meet one, check out Ted, who is doing something very few people have tried. There have been a lot of bike rides to raise money and awareness to fight diseases, but these have always been for the benefit of two-legged creatures.

Now there's a biker who is riding for the life of animals. When a person gets cancer, they have a lot of options. For animals, sometimes the best they can hope for is to be drugged beyond the reach of pain. But when Ted's dog came down with cancer, he sought out cures and treatments, and wrote a book for other dog owners.

But now he's doing something great. He's riding his bike across the country to raise money to help dogs with cancer. On his website you can learn more about the story, and the scores of fellow dog owners who are grateful for his work. You'll see some videos of the ride, and you'll have the chance to donate funds to help dogs who have been stricken with this disease.

Here's the link:

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