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I appreciate the enterprising spirit of the people who invented the "bike basket for men," but I wonder how many men will pay 150 Euros for a crate that clips on the back of a bike.

I don't want to break any copyright laws by posting photos without permission, but you can see pictures of  The Bike Crate here:

Personally, I prefer waterproof panniers that I can close, to keep my stuff inside and keep the rain outside. But I have to admit their design is stylish, and a basket is quick and easy when you only want to carry a few light things on a simple bike ride in good weather.

What do you think?

My battered old Ortlieb panniers are still holding out, after more than 5 years of almost daily use. Someone at the coffee shop this morning asked me about them, and had similar luck with his own panniers.

This is something I love about the bicycle industry. There are so many good companies that really care about what they do. A lot of gear is built to perform, and built to last.

So many other industries produce crap that wears out fast, relying on planned obsolescence to keep their profits coming. Chalk this up as another sustainability benefit of bike commuting and bike travel. More greenbelt, less landfill.