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Business on a bike

I wanted to see if I could do it, and I found out I could.

I had a business meeting in Newport Beach, probably a good 30-40 miles away. But it was early morning, and most of the route was along the ocean, so I figured I could bike there without being cooked by the heat.

Piece of cake, as it turns out. I only “cheated” in a few ways:
• I stuck my bike on the metro and rode public transit about a third of the way
• I brought a change of clothes, and when I got to Newport Beach I put these on and “freshened up” in the restroom of a Starbucks.
• This meeting was a casual brunch, so I didn’t need a suit and tie.

I got there early. I was all pumped up with endorphins, and amazingly relaxed. This is unusual when I'm going into a situation where I need to impress people.

And people were impressed.

The ride home was harder, because I was tired and had a strong coastal headwind slowing me down. But I took a few dips in the ocean along the way, and had time to brainstorm on some of the issues that came up at the meeting.

The lesson: There's nothing like the rush of trying out something radical. Most people gladly go out on the weekend for a bike ride on the beach. But when there's work/money connected, it's more comfortable to retreat to the haven of your car.

And there's a lot to be said for air conditioning.

I challenge you to try riding your bike somewhere that you have to go. You could revolutionize the world. It's a great way to be healthier and more relaxed, not to mention all the money you'll save on gas.

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