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Biking to a global warming April Fools extravaganza

Apologies in advance for the rant. I just get really pissed off sometimes because L.A. could easily become one of the most beautiful places in the world. It probably was, a few hundred years ago.

Now the City of Angels has suffered from short-sighted planning and simple human apathy. But today, at least, some people tried to do something about it.

I was riding down Vermont Avenue (never a good idea) and right at the bridge over the 101 freeway a band of Greenpeacers were protesting global warming.

bicycle global warming 015

I thought it was kind of ironic that they were holding up "stop global warming" signs under a street sign that said "No Stopping Any Time." Weirder still, but understandable, were the passing motorists who honked and cheered as they drove along, contributing to global warming.

I know most people don't have a choice, but if we had infrastructure that made it possible to cut back on driving at least some of the time, maybe it would make a dent.

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The final irony, not directly related, is that the Global 20 are meeting today. The leaders of the world's largest, most powerful nations are getting together to talk about solving some of our global problems...on April Fool's day.

Just in case you wanted to see, here's a shot of the demonstration on the Vermont Avenue 101 overpass:

global warming protest

Below you'll see the endless river of cars, crawling along like blood in the clogged arteries of an overfed bacon addict.  And this shot was around 4 in the afternoon, when most people are still at work.

I get pissed off like this sometimes because L.A. has the potential to be such an amazing, beautiful place! If you look closely you can see the Santa Monica Mountains, nearly obliterated by smog.

bikes and fossil fuel alternatives

Any ideas on how to make riding a bike so cool and so much fun that everybody wants to do it as much as they can?

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