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A long walk up the Appian Way

I just found out a little non-profit group in Rome is planning their own human-powered via Appia tour.

They're going to walk (not bike) the Appian way from Brindisi back to Rome.

I won't be able to make it on this journey, but maybe you can? Here's the link for anyone interested:

3 thoughts on “A long walk up the Appian Way

  1. Jacobbear

    Oops! Let me make a correction. They're going to be walking about half of via Appia, not the entire route. Still, it's going to be a fantastic adventure. I wish I could go along.

  2. Jeff

    I'm an American that lives in Brindisi, actually on the Via Appia. I'm starting to plan a trip biking to Rome along the Via Appia like you so it looks like I came to the right place.
    I'm sure to have a lot of questions. Also if you need any logistical help around here let me know. A biking culture is trying to grow in Brindisi.


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