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A Call to Adventure

Do you really want to see the world? 

Then embrace the world, and be in it.

Don’t just see it, like a video or a checklist of tourist destinations. 

Move through the world at the pace of a horse, not a tour bus. Meet the locals in every place you visit. Follow history instead of the guidebook. 

In fact, don’t be a tourist. Find a personal reason to travel. What are your goals, your dreams, your visions? Make those your reasons for traveling.

Do this, and you will find a rich treasure at the end of your journey.

This is the bike tour. This is the call to feel the wind in your face, the strain of every steep climb, and the rush of gliding down into a new canyon or valley. Travel this way, and you will test all your physical and mental endurance. 

Travel this way, and you will find a rich treasure at the end of your journey.

After you’ve pedaled a thousand miles, crossed a hundred mountain ranges, and fought through days of headwinds and cold weather, you’ll come home in better physical shape and feeling more confident than ever before.

When you’ve traveled through other countries on your own power, enjoyed food and drink with strangers in a strange land, and visited the ancient monuments of your latest hosts, you’ll come home wiser and more worldly. You’ll open your mind and heart. You’ll have friends across the globe. 

This is the idea behind "Our Sea." A thousand people riding together through a new section of the Mediterranean each year. We’re starting in 2022 with a ride through the Balkans from Venice to Corfu. 

If you want to come along for all or part of the ride, or follow along virtually, sign up here. I’ll send you some free goodies when you do.

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