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Yeah, I know it's old news now, but there's a lesson here.

Since we can't ride in the park yet (something about being attacked by disoriented squirrels), here's a photo of the blaze. I took it from Los Feliz Blvd, which looked a lot different with no cars and the power turned off.

By the way, the beginning of this month was the 70th anniversary of the destruction of the Hindenburg. This world-famous Zeppelin crossed the Atlantic 17 times, setting speed records as it withstood lightning strikes and thunderstorms.

Then it burst into flames while safe on land, close to the ground, during a routine photo op. The lesson for biking: You're never really safe. You might as well be bold and daring, because the defensive stuff can kill you just as quickly. But for g-d's sake, wear a helmet.

You should also know that almost all the people who tried to get out of the Hindenburg were killed for their trouble. But every single passenger who rode the cabin to the ground survived. Here's to being calm and enjoying the storm.